Where are the Wolves

At times, the wolves can be devilishly difficult to locate. They’re the same color as the soil in their enclosure and while they’re lying down and not moving finding them can be problematic. Often they lie down in a hole and dissappear, an ear is sometimes all that’s visible. There are still, however,¬†two fairly reliable places to spot the wolves, two places (one for each wolf) favored by them that they keep coming back to. It’s worth checking these twoRead more

Hola, Hyla

Welcome the treefrogs. While I’ve heard an occasional call from both Cope’s Gray and Green Treefrogs over the past several weeks it was last week when they began to make themselves conspicuous to the average herp hunter. Two gray and a handful of green treefrogs were spotted on Thursday (3/29). Both frogs are expert at camouflage so I’m sure there were more in the area that escaped detection, if you see one or two, there’s probably many more around. AlthoughRead more

Cope-ing with the situation.

Another good spot by Hannah of Outdoor Summer Camp fame on yet another Wednesday walk-about with the campers (8/3/11). This time it was a very light Cope’s Gray Treefrog in the smartweed in Explore the Wild. As you can see (above and below), these gray treefrogs are highly variable. They are able to change according to the substrate, or object that they happen to be perched upon. I’ve never seen this color change occur as rapidly as an Anole’s colorRead more