Welcome 1414

As you may already know, male Red Wolf #1414 has arrived at the Museum and is now on display. He’s not shy and, so far, has made himself available to visitors by frequently moving around the enclosure.

When he does lie down to rest it’s been on the ground level under the shrubs to the left of the waterfall. He’s also been seen at the top of the hill next to the fence, but if you can’t find him there look beneath the shrubs.

Here’s what he looks like:

Welcome to our new male!
Fourteen, fourteen weighs in at over 70 pounds.

Much heavier than the female, there should be little difficulty separating him from the female.

The male (top) and female search for food items within their enclosure.

If size alone doesn’t help you distinguish the male from the female, the male has much more white on his face as well as on the inside of his legs.

Stepping out from behind his resting area. Note the amount of white on 1414’s legs and face.
Note also, the dark triangular-shaped areas below each eye.
He is a handsome brute.
The male peers out from behind a log within the enclosure.
The male explores his new habitat.

Come on out and see the new addition to the Red Wolf Enclosure. If you can’t spot him right away, I’ll help you locate him.


4 responses to Welcome 1414

  1. kimberly says:

    Great shots! I missed a great opportunity tonight, after giving enrichment he started throwing it in the air and dancing around. Such fun!

    • Greg Dodge says:

      Yes, he is a good looking boy!
      And, he’s been putting on quite a show for folks, not at all shy.

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