Waxing Moon & Luna Moth

Waxing Crescent Moon.

The Black Light Insect Hunt was held last night under a waxing crescent moon. The temperature and humidity were perfect for a night out on the Wetlands.

Chimney Swifts, along with a few swallows, circled overhead as the sun sank below the horizon. Bats began to swirl about, taking over the insect hunt for their diurnal counterparts. Bullfrogs called loudly in the water below.

Slowly at first, but then with more frequency, insects began to whirl about the mercury vapor and black lights erected on the two platforms of the the Wetland’s boardwalk.

Mostly midges, a few caddisflies, and small beetles were observed. Several sphinx moths and geometers arrived later. Perhaps the best visitor to the lights was a very cooperative Luna Moth (Actias luna) that stayed on the cotton sheet after being captured and placed there by one of the many bug enthusiast of the night.

The Luna Moth (female).

2 responses to Waxing Moon & Luna Moth

  1. Michele says:

    Indeed, it was a magical evening! We felt privileged to experience both lunas (moth and moon).

    Many thanks to the museum staff for encouraging us to stay up past our bedtimes! We’ll be back next year!

    • Greg Dodge says:

      Yes, yes, thanks Uli, Richard, Leon, Lew, and everyone one else who helped put the event together. We all had a great time!!

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