Treefrogs yes, but No Snakes

More and more young Green Treefrogs are being seen each day in the tall grass on the north side of the Wetlands. Look for them resting on the long, wide blades of grass on the Wetalnds side of the path. The grass is quite tall (3-5 feet) so you don’t have to bend down to search for them, although they are not so easy to find as they’re perfectly camouflaged for the job at hand: resting, feeding, and growing, unseen in the grass.

A young Gray Treefrog, the first that I’d seen this season, was spotted by a sharp-eyed Into the Wild Summer Camper on the 29th on July. This little frog was well away from the water on the main path leading to Catch the Wind.

Even though recently metamorphosed treefrogs are being seen with more frequency, the adults are still breeding as evidenced by clusters of eggs floating in the U-shaped pond at Flap the Wings in Catch the Wind on July 18th following rain showers the night before.

Conspicuously absent for the seventh week running are Northern Water Snakes. If anyone sees, or has seen, a water snake in the Wetlands, please let me know.

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