Water Snake Makes Brief Appearance

8_1_09grtrGreen Treefrogs are still being seen in the vegetation along the north side for the Wetlands, and have now been spotted along the path going up towards Catch the Wind (between the Lemur House and Catch the Wind).

Finally, after approximately 8 weeks, a Northern Water Snake made an appearance in the Wetlands on both the 14th and 20th of August. The snake seen on those days was probably the same individual, a large female. At this time last year there had been frequent sightings of many individuals, as well as several juvenile water snakes in the Wetlands. Where are all of the water snakes?

An Eastern Garter Snake slid across the path of the Dinosaur Trail on 14 August, pausing briefly midway across, much to the delight of one family (the kids) on their way to see the Troodons.

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