‘Tis the Season


This is our female red wolf (1794). It’s now breeding season. It seems as though she is spending more time out in the open than she had been in the most recent past. The male, as is usual, gets excited at her appearances, perhaps even more so now that the season for breeding is upon us. He follows her, walks past her as she’s rests, glancing over at her as he goes, and sniffs the air around her as if for some signal to come in closer.

Male seeks unrequited attention.
Male (bottom) seeks unrequited attention.

The female, however, seems little concerned with him and his agenda.

Not interested.
Not interested.

I will remind the reader that the purpose of this highly endangered animal being here at the Museum, besides giving you a glimpse at what a red wolf looks like, is to breed. During estrous, I believe the period when these wolves can conceive is about 5 – 7 days. I’m not going to predict what will happen during the next week or so, but if something is going to happen, it better happen soon.

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