Tiny Frogs and Basking Turtles

gd_9_1grtfI continue to see a few small, newly morphed Cricket Frogs and many young Green Treefrogs along the north side of the Wetlands. If you stop and look at the tall vegetation on the right side of the path as you walk towards the Lemur House from the Wolf Overlook, you will most surely see Green Treefrogs, but you have to look! The one pictured at left was at that very location (a big yawn for such a tiny frog). I haven’t seen a Gray Treefrog in several weeks.

Many of the large turtles living in the Wetlands decided to bask out in the sun after the heavy rains dumped on us by Tropical Storm Hanna. I hadn’t seen that many turtles soaking up the sun since the spring. Perhaps they were out in numbers due to the chill in the water after all the rain. The water level in the Wetlands was as high as I’d seen it.

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