There was Frost on the Pumpkins…

this morning.

The frost begins to burn off on this pumpkin in the Amphimeadow in Catch the Wind.
Apparently caught with their pants down, these two mating crane flies were still alive and thawing nicely when I came upon them atop the pumpkin.

And down in the Wetlands…

A frosty morning on the boardwalk.


The Wetlands Overlook was steaming.
As if on fire, mist streams off the top rail of the overlook.


The morning sun quickly turns the frost into vapor.

In the bird news, both White-throated Sparrows and Dark-eyed Juncos have arrived. The sparrows came in last week, the juncos with the same cold front that brought the frost. I saw a dozen or so Chipping Sparrows last week as well but they typically¬†don’t stick around, in and out.

Have good one.

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    • Greg Dodge says:

      I’m pretty sure that I heard a Golden-crowned Kinglet yesterday afternoon. Can’t hear the high frequency stuff like I used to but it sure sounded like a G-crowned.
      All the winter birds are coming in!

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