Quiz Bug Revealed!!!

The identity of the Quiz Bug is revealed below, but first:

Yes Emily, the object in the photo looks very much like a Golden Snitch. However, a Golden Snitch is approximately the size of a walnut. As stated in the caption of the photo, our Quiz Bug is about 2 cm (including the wings), considerably smaller than a walnut.

The Hints Answered:

Rainbow – Multicolored

Not Occidental – Oriental, Asian

Peeress – Noblewoman, Gentlewoman, Lady

Sheath Wing – coleoptera, beetle

With all hints put together, our bug is a Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle (Harmonia axridis), although they answer to many other names, like Harlequin, Asian, Japanese,¬†Halloween (Sarah’s answer), or Pumpkin Ladybug, Ladybird, or Lady Beetle. They are as varied in their appearance as in the nomenclature. Some are bright red-orange while some are pale. Some have many spots while others have no spots.

A dented, unfolded lady beetle.

Normally a ladybug’s wings (hindwings) would be folded under the elytra (forewings) when not in use. I suspect that our little friend had a run in with another insect, bird, and or maybe the edge of a shoe. Note the dented elytra.

But maybe, just maybe, the beetle was mistaken for a Golden Snitch by a miniature troop of Quiditch players and escaped damaged (the dent) but alive, making Emily’s answer at least partially correct!

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