The Howling

Top: Father and three of his sons from this year’s liter enjoy a group howl.

Our ten red wolves howl regularly. We don’t howl at them, but their howling has become a nearly daily routine. The museum happens to be located within a quarter mile of a hospital. We hear a lot of sirens. Most are off in the distance, but our wolves hear them just the same, and they react to the sirens by howling.

With his deep resonant tone, our adult male wolf is in full howl.

It’s quite an experience to hear all ten of our wolves howl, yelp, and bark all at the same time. It stirs an emotion in oneself not often felt in the midst of the largely non-natural environment of these modern times.

Joined by one of his seven-month old offspring.

If you’re lucky enough to be here at the museum on our outdoor exhibit loop, and the wolves commence a full-tilt howl, you’ll see what I mean.

Adult male and female harmonize.

Good luck.

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