Top Photo: Wetlands with ice and a sprinkling of snow.

When it snows here in the Piedmont, it’s always a rush to get out to photograph the uniqueness of the event. It doesn’t snow often and when it does the snow is usually gone within a day or two. Sometimes it’s gone within hours. Snows here are short and sweet.

Here’s some photos from this morning (Saturday 1/29/22) before it all disappeared.

Last year’s alder cones.
Male catkins forming on alder.
Fatsia japonica.
Holly leaves.
Loblolly pine needles.
Southern magnolia.
Wax myrtle.
Wax myrtle.
Needle palm.
Palms along the Dinosaur Trail.
More palms.
A very small sprinkle of snow on budding saucer magnolia.

And finally, three dinosaurs.

And the always smiling, alamosaurus.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

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