Sights to be seen…

Just a handful of the sights from the first half of August.

A small spider web attached to a birch snag just off the Wetlands Overlook.
Is this Brown Thrasher in pain? Uhn-uh, just sunbathing!
Here’s the same bird about thirty seconds later.
It’s unfortunate that there’s only one of these plants to be seen along the banks of the Wetlands. It’s Cardinal Flower.
An Annual Cicada (Dogday Harvestfly) ready to belt out its buzzy call.

Speaking of cicadas…

There is a healthy population of Cicada Killers here at the Museum. This one lives up at the Outdoor Classrooms.

Speaking of Cicada Killers…

A Cicada Killer burrow. More interesting is the little fly (arrow) waiting for a Cicada Killer to bring in a Cicada. The fly will lay an egg, or in some species of these parasitic flies a live larva, on the cicada as the wasp drags it into the burrow.

Boy, there’s a lot to see out there in the Wild!


2 responses to Sights to be seen…

  1. Wendy says:

    I haven’t heard many cicadas out there this year. Are cicada killers and the rain to blame?

    • Greg Dodge says:

      Don’t know if there are fewer cicadas this year. I don’t think they call when it’s raining, haven’t heard any while it is actually raining, like right now. But as soon as the rain stops they resume, heard plenty while on a hike this morning in Hillsborough.

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