They’re on their own.

Our green herons are now on their own. I saw one bird at its nest tree this morning (8/24), but they are all free flying birds and have been experimenting with different fishing sites around the Wetlands.

Here’s some photos of the crew.

The two herons (a week ago) from NS1 as they perch on a branch over the water on a wet afternoon (8/17/13).
This bird is from NS2, one week ago (8/17/13).

The rest of the images are from August, 24, a Saturday.

Fluffing up on a rock in front of the Wetlands Overlook (8/24/13).
In amongst the tangle of willows (8/24/13).
Resting on the “home” tree (8/24/13).

I’m assuming that all seven of the herons fledged. The most I was able to see at any one time was five and they were spread about the Wetlands but it’s a good bet that all of the herons survived. Now, they have to make it through their first winter.

Good luck!





3 responses to They’re on their own.

    • Greg Dodge says:

      I’m certain that some, if not all, will return, the ones that make it through their first winter. Whether or not they nest here again is another story. I think they’ve nested here in the past, in a more secluded location, so I’m betting that, yes, they will come back and try again next year. They seemed to have done well this summer with few disturbances, good experiences tend work in favor of a return visit.

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