Run Wolf Run

We have here at the museum, one adult breeding pair of red wolves, two yearling male red wolves, and six three-month old pup red wolves.

Every now and then, the year-old wolves get frisky and chase each other around their enclosure. It’s often a vigorous jaunt with more than just a few circuits around the yard. The parents sometimes join in but usually don’t make it past the first lap. After all, the male is 9 years old and the female 5, no spring chickens as far as wolves go.

It’s the yearlings Ellerbe (2246) and Eno (2247) who are most inclined towards the behavior. That’s the boys in the photo above (Ellerbe on the left).

The chase is on (Ellerbe, right).
Mom (right) briefly joins in.
Dad watches from the sidelines.
A brief wrestle as one catches the other.
The chase can go straight up the side of the cliff.
Caught between a tree and a cliff face (Eno left, Ellerbe right).
And Rocket looks on.

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