Nest Box Update 7.30.19

There is nest material in five of the six nest boxes on our modest bluebird trail, but only one nest is active at present.

Cow Pasture.

The house wrens that had occupied the nest at the Cow Pasture have flown the coop. There are now 4 more house wrens added to the local avifauna.

Sam peeks into Butterfly House nest box.

The Explore the Wild, Into the Mist, Parking Deck (east side and west side) nest boxes are all unoccupied. There’s nest material in three of those boxes but it hasn’t been added to or rearranged in several weeks. I think they’re done for the season.

There are, however, four bluebird nestlings doing well in the nest box at the Butterfly House. The birds are still quite small so they’ll probably be in the nest at next week’s inspection.

Four bluebirds at Butterfly House (7.30.19)

So, we’re closing in on the end of the season with only one active nest. I don’t expect any further activity, but will keep you informed, as usual.

Have a good week.

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