Red Wolves Howl

The banner photo (top) illustrates what happens when emergency vehicles pass by the Museum, whether near or far, it’s a family howl.

If you look carefully you’ll notice there are five wolves. We have six red wolves. Where’s the other pup? The missing pup is at the top of the enclosure’s ridge listening to what’s going on. She quickly joins the rest of the pack.

Alert to the sounds of the howl.

If you’ll look below, you can count 6 wolves howling together.

A family howl.

Below, a parting shot of red wolf pup 2206 on the knoll directly in front of the overlook.

Long legged and lean, #2206 stares at something below.

Come by and see the wolves before they depart for points north.

2 responses to Red Wolves Howl

  1. Susan says:

    Trying to pay a final visit to the wolves and just wondering when the departure date is. I have called the museum and all they will tell me is November.



    • gregdodge says:

      They’re scheduled to depart Nov 6, if everything goes as planned. So, stop by before then if you want to wish a fond adieu.

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