Red Wolves Have Arrived

Our new red wolves have arrived. As of this morning (11/16) only the female (#2062) was out and about in the enclosure, cautiously getting used to her new environment. She spent an hour or so familiarizing herself to the smells, sights and sounds of her new digs.

The male (#1803) is still in the kennel area, apparently a bit reluctant to wander out of his travel crate. He will surely be out in the enclosure soon.

Female red wolf #2062 looks around her new enclosure (11.16.17).

Come on down and visit the wolves, but please try to keep the noise to a minimum.


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  1. I am very excited to see ‘Moose’ with his new mate, Cary. She is a big girl. I hope they hit it off. I am sure that he howls a few times…I am hoping to come down in the late spring, or, early summer to see them. Sweet Moose, your life is changing for the better. Be happy. Ciao <3

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