The Wean Begins

Our female red wolf (#2062) nurses her two young pups. It’s been just about six weeks since their birth and nearing time for weaning. None too soon, judging by our female’s expressions and actions in the accompanying photos. Don’t fret, our female is taking very good care of the pups. They’re both healthy and growing. It’s all part of the process.Read more

Red Wolf Update

Just a quick follow-up on our recently arrived red wolves. Both male #1803 and female #2062 seem to be adjusting well to their new home, although female 2062 is still a bit shy. She tends to stay at the top of the enclosure’s ridge when people are present at the overlook. Neither, however, are difficult to locate. In fact, they’re typically quite mobile, frequently moving about. Our female seemed very excited to find the beef knuckle tossed in by theRead more

Red Wolves Have Arrived

Our new red wolves have arrived. As of this morning (11/16) only the female (#2062) was out and about in the enclosure, cautiously getting used to her new environment. She spent an hour or so familiarizing herself to the smells, sights and sounds of her new digs. The male (#1803) is still in the kennel area, apparently a bit reluctant to wander out of his travel crate. He will surely be out in the enclosure soon. Come on down andRead more