Red Wolf Update

Just a quick follow-up on our recently arrived red wolves. Both male #1803 and female #2062 seem to be adjusting well to their new home, although female 2062 is still a bit shy. She tends to stay at the top of the enclosure’s ridge when people are present at the overlook. Neither, however, are difficult to locate. In fact, they’re typically quite mobile, frequently moving about.

Our female seemed very excited to find the beef knuckle tossed in by the animal keepers yesterday. She busily carried her prize around with her all morning, chewing, gnawing, and eventually hiding it away somewhere for future chomping.

Female glances up at male while strutting about with her treasure.

It’s not unusual to see our male #1803 sniffing and searching around the enclosure. Although strange sounds and movements may startle him at times, he seems to be much more relaxed about moving around inside the habitat, regardless of who’s watching.

Male #1803 quenches his thirst, all the time on the alert.

Stop by the wolves on your next visit, or come on by just for that reason, to see the wolves. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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  1. Tiziana erica randon says:

    Moose….be a good Boy….be gentle with your New lady…we wcc lovers…will take care of your sons…

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