Red Wolf Update 11.28.16

Since the introduction of our new female red wolf (1858), she and the male (1784) seem to be getting along well. I’ve noticed only one minor, and very brief, altercation and a few bared-teeth displays when food is present. This is normal behavior. If you’ve ever had more than one domestic pooch in your house at a time, you’ve probably seen the same or worse.

The two wolves forage and even rest close to one another, a good sign. Breeding season typically begins in February. The bonding that takes place now will be helpful during that heavily hormonal period.

foraging for meat placed in their enclosure by the animal keepers.
Foraging for meat placed in their enclosure by the animal keepers (female, top).
Hopeful beginnings.
Hopeful beginnings (male, top).

If you were wondering how to tell the difference between the male and female, the male is larger overall and has less gray and more white on his face.

Make sure to stop by and see the wolves as you make your way around our outdoor exhibits.

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