Red Wolf Forecast

If you’ve been following events here at the Museum you no doubt already know that we have a new female red wolf. She came to us from Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center in Chattanooga, TN back in November with the hopes of breeding with our male red wolf. Whether or not these two wolves come together is entirely up to the individuals involved, the wolves themselves. With cautious optimism, I will say that they seem to be getting alongRead more

Red Wolf Update 11.28.16

Since the introduction of our new female red wolf (1858), she and the male (1784) seem to be getting along well. I’ve noticed only one minor, and very brief, altercation and a few bared-teeth displays when food is present. This is normal behavior. If you’ve ever had more than one domestic pooch in your house at a time, you’ve probably seen the same or worse. The two wolves forage and even rest close to one another, a good sign. Breeding seasonRead more

Red Wolf Release

The female wolf paced back and forth within the kennel. The male, sensing something was about to happen, watched intensely. They’d both been waiting for two weeks for this moment to arrive, and here it was. The female was about to be released into the main enclosure after having acclimated, as best she could, to her new surroundings. She’d come from another facility one state to the west of us and was now going to become part of the exhibit, theRead more