Red Wolf Pups and Family

Pup crawls over to give mom a lick on the lips.

If you were planning to stop by the Museum of Life and Science to have a look at our new red wolf pups, by all means do so. We’ve got our den cam up and running and the pups are visible via the monitor at the Red Wolf Overlook.

Both male and female have frequently been seen walking about the enclosure. The male has been spotted delivering food to the female (lab rats). He’s also been observed regurgitating his own food (meat balls), she obligingly accepting.

So, without further delay here’s a few shots of the entire family.

Father red wolf attempting to deliver a pair of lab rats to the female.

The male eventually buried the rats and later successfully delivered them both to the female, one at a time.

Waiting at entrance of den for female to come out and take her treat.
female 1858 wolfing down a rat.
On one of the female’s excursions around the enclosure.
Male 1784 is shedding his winter coat.
Female 1858 portrait.

And finally…

Back in the den, female comforts her pups.

Come on down and see for yourself what’s happening at the Red Wolf Enclosure.

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