Two mystery creatures for you to ID while I work on another bigger mystery…more about that later.

Both of these animals can be seen here at the Museum. In fact, both photos were taken in our Wetlands within the last week.

Who am I?

Clues for the above:

  1. I’m about 4 inches long.

  2. My last name is Frog.

  3. I’m not always green as in the picture above.

  4. Bonus points if you can guess my sex (male or female).

Can you guess my name?

Clues for the odonate above:

  1. My last name is the same as an object commonly seen on horses in westerns, behind the saddle.
  2. There is another common dragonfly here at the Museum with the same last name.

  3. I don’t often perch but spend much of my time flying in search of aerial insects to eat.

  4. Bonus points for those who can tell what sex I am (male or female).

There you have it. You should be able to get the answers to the identity of the two animals above without too much searching. As mentioned, they are both common here in our Wetlands but can also be seen elsewhere in our area.

Good luck!

2 responses to QUIZ TIME!!

  1. Anna says:

    I’m going to go with

    1. Green Frog, Male


    2. Black Saddlebags Dragonfly, Female

    • Greg Dodge says:

      Congratulations Anna!! Please read next post for the details /2012/07/20/quiz-answered-finally/

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