Answers to QUIZ TIME. And here’s why. We only have a front view of this bird. The light source is filtering through from behind, not great light. The bird in the photo is a buteo, not an accipiter (Cooper’s hawk). There are three buteos in our area at this time of year, Broad-winged, Red-shouldered, and Red-tailed Hawks. They are all a different size, the broad-winged the smallest, red-tailed the largest. But there’s nothing to compare this bird to, to judge itsRead more


Can you identify the bird in the photo? You’ve probably already figured out that the bird is a hawk. Can you identify it as to species (5 points). Extra points for giving the age of the bird (5 points). Double points for naming the tree the bird is perched upon (10 points). If possible, indicate how you identified the bird. What distinguishing marks or characteristics do you see that makes this bird the species that you say it is and notRead more


Two mystery creatures for you to ID while I work on another bigger mystery…more about that later. Both of these animals can be seen here at the Museum. In fact, both photos were taken in our Wetlands within the last week. Clues for the above: I’m about 4 inches long. My last name is Frog. I’m not always green as in the picture above. Bonus points if you can guess my sex (male or female). Clues for the odonate above:Read more

POP QUIZ Answered

But first, the clues: Palustris means swamp, swampy, or of the swamp. Hot, stylish, phat, fly, and coxa are, or can be, other words for hip, although coxa is more literal than the others in that it refers to the hip bone. So, now we have “swamp hip,” which doesn’t make a lot of sense. I was going to use a clue such as rosa or rouge but thought it a bit too obvious. So, I left it to you to pieceRead more

Yay, it’s Quiz Time!!!

What’s this, splashes in the water? Yes, those splashes were made by something, your job is to figure out what. There are four distinct splashes. What creature would make tracks on the water’s surface, however temporary they are? Things to consider: My tracks are on the water. My feeding behavior is a clue to my tracks. Recent posts to this blog might help determine who I am. Don’t be discouraged, a little deductive reasoning should help you figure this out. ——————–Read more

It’s Quiz Time Again!

While I try to catch up on logging the hundreds of photos that are waiting in a folder on my HD, I thought I’d throw out a quick quiz. The image below was taken in the Wetlands on the pleasantly warm afternoon of 16 June. A Fabulous Prize could be yours if you’re the first person to correctly identify the subject of the photos!Read more

Find the Bird

Just a quick quiz posting. See if you can find the bird, then identify it. Don’t scroll down to the bottom of the page until you’ve had a look at the first image. Good job. Now, what kind of bird? Great, a woodpecker. Now, what kind of woodpecker? If you still don’t have it, here’s s a clue. Have a good one,Read more