The Harvester

Just a few weeks ago I posted about woolly aphids on the Hazel Alder here in our Wetlands. In that post I mentioned the possibility of Harvesters, the only North American carnivorous butterfly, making an appearance. Well, they have arrived…at least in caterpillar form. Of course, for the caterpillars to be here there had to have been a butterfly present at some point to lay eggs. It must have done its egg laying while I was making the rounds, becauseRead more

Quiz Bug Revealed!!!

The identity of the Quiz Bug is revealed below, but first: Yes Emily, the object in the photo looks very much like a Golden Snitch. However, a Golden Snitch is approximately the size of a walnut. As stated in the caption of the photo, our Quiz Bug is about 2 cm (including the wings), considerably smaller than a walnut. The Hints Answered: Rainbow – Multicolored Not Occidental – Oriental, Asian Peeress – Noblewoman, Gentlewoman, Lady Sheath Wing – coleoptera, beetleRead more