Quiz Birds

I thought I’d post a few images of birds to see if anyone can identify them, a bird quiz (for everyone except Nathan, sorry).

Both species were shot at Falls Lake this past Sunday (10/17), which is actually a rather good clue, if you keep up with the local bird listserv.

The first is a small bird and can potentially be seen each fall in our area if you look hard enough.

This bird has a yankee name (clue) and winters in South America.

Next we have shorebirds. The group of birds in the photo below consists of two species (four of the birds near the front of the pack look like yellowlegs, I think). You only need to identify the species which makes up the bulk of the birds. Concentrate on the birds in the center. I admit that this photo does not give you a very close view of the birds, but the following clues (below) are so helpful.

Although they are shorebirds, they are most often found far from any shore, and to my knowledge none of them have ever been seen harming a deer.

Need more clues? I’ll post more if you need them.

4 responses to Quiz Birds

    • Greg Dodge, Ranger says:

      Congratulations on identifying both species!
      That Connecticut Warbler has been at the same location at Falls Lake for about two weeks now and quite a few people have looked at their first Connecticut Warbler because of that fact.
      Thanks, and have a good one.

  1. Nathan says:

    Ah, so the lure was too strong to resist. I was there Sunday as well, I’m surprised I missed you.

    Great photo!

    • Greg Dodge, Ranger says:

      Yeah, I had to go and see if I could get a photo of that bird, and what you see is the only one I got. I had to doctor the photo up some, but you can surely see what it is.

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