Quiz Bird

Here’s a photo of a bird taken on 18 January, the day after our most recent snow event. The bird’s head and other parts of its anatomy are obscured by a branch as it soars above a tree. You can, however, see all you need to see to identify what species it is. By the way, it’s a common bird in our area (NC piedmont). Respond by sending a comment (below) with what bird you think it is. Though it’sRead more

Quiz Bird!

This bird was perched in a Loblolly Pine in Explore the Wild. What is it? Does this help? The first person to reply with the correct identification will win a special prize! Note: Participants must claim their prize in person.Read more

Quiz Birds

I thought I’d post a few images of birds to see if anyone can identify them, a bird quiz (for everyone except Nathan, sorry). Both species were shot at Falls Lake this past Sunday (10/17), which is actually a rather good clue, if you keep up with the local bird listserv. The first is a small bird and can potentially be seen each fall in our area if you look hard enough. Next we have shorebirds. The group of birdsRead more

Quiz Bird

In winter, one of the most frequently encountered birds on the Trail around the Outdoor Exhibits at the Museum is a rather small, indistinct bird. Before telling you what it is, I thought it might be fun to take a little photo quiz. But first, some hints. This bird is only found in our area in winter (usually October through April). It is largely insectivorous but can switch over to fruit in the winter, especially the fruit of the Wax Myrtle.Read more