Quiz Bird

Here’s a photo of a bird taken on 18 January, the day after our most recent snow event.

The bird’s head and other parts of its anatomy are obscured by a branch as it soars above a tree. You can, however, see all you need to see to identify what species it is. By the way, it’s a common bird in our area (NC piedmont).

Respond by sending a comment (below) with what bird you think it is. Though it’s not required, you might add your reasons for making your decision.

Don’t be shy, there’s no shame in submitting a wrong answer.

4 responses to Quiz Bird

  1. Camp Katie says:

    It’s a black vulture! They have the white “window tips” at the ends of their wings, while turkey vultures have white along the bottom edge of their wings. Great quiz, Ranger Greg!

  2. Sarah says:

    If my eyes are seeing the wing colors right, it’s a black vulture. Just the white wing tips for a black, unlike turkeys who have white along the underside of their entire wings.

  3. Jennifer Armstrong says:

    Black vulture? Overall dark (no visible markings), wide wings.

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