Quiz Bird 2


Ah yes, the moon above the pines.

But look closer. What do you see?

The images here are of a flock of birds flying in formation across the moon.

The birds are distant and I understand that it may be difficult to identify as to species, so you only have to determine as to family, or subfamily of bird. In other words, if they were swallows (they’re not swallows, but much larger birds) all you would have to say is swallows and not tree swallows or cliff swallows. However, given the relative occurrence of birds and what species can be found locally, you should be able to get down to the species level if you do a little research.

The direction of flight is from bottom to top.

As an added bonus, or as compensation for the potential head scratching you may experience in naming the birds, you get extra points for identifying the phase of the moon (and no, it has nothing to do with blue, super, eclipsed, or blood moon).

By the way, the image is composed of two separate images one over the other. Both photos were taken during daylight hours while on the Museum of Life and Science property. I already had the moon shot as wallpaper on my computer and thought it would look nice with a flock of birds flying over (or under) the moon, so I Photoshopped a shot of the birds and the moon together. They were real, live birds flying over the museum’s airspace.

Solution to the puzzle, next Friday (3/2).

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