Pictures from ETW and CTW

These images were acquired in Explore the Wild (ETW) or Catch the Wind (CTW) between 8 & 15 September.


A pair of Long-jawed Orb Weavers mate in the Smartweed (end of boardwalk, ETW).

Some insects.

Assassin Bugs prepare to mate on Butterfly Weed (CTW).
With nymphs only hours old above them, this pair of Large Milkweed Bugs begins the process of creating more nymphs (CTW).
Another view of the Milkweed Bugs (CTW).
A male Eastern Amberwing waits (ETW).
A Common Checkered Skipper gets some sun (ETW).
A Clouded Skipper shows off its iridescence (ETW).
An early instar Monarch caterpillar peeks over the edge of a partially eaten Butterfly Weed leaf (CTW).
This Monarch looks about ready to pupate (CTW).


Late summer and these two Common Snapping Turtles feel the urge to mate. Will the female lay eggs before digging under the pond’s muddy bottom for the winter? We’ll have to wait and see if she comes ashore (ETW).
Snapping turtle mating is by no means a gentle affair. Look here at the turbulence created when the pair split apart (ETW).
Juvenile Green Treefrogs are still being seen in the smartweed at the end of the boardwalk (ETW).
A large, female American Bullfrog waits for something to happen (ETW).

Stay tuned!



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