PG and Raven

A Peregrine Falcon (PG) flew directly over me at approximately 11 AM on February 10 as I walked towards the steps leading down into the Butterfly House here at the Museum. The bird was heading north. To my knowledge, this was the first of this species recorded here at the Museum.

This sighting completes the list of falcons likely to be seen here, which includes Kestrel, Merlin, and now Peregrine. There are six North American falcons. The Aplomado Falcon, Prairie Falcon, and Gyrfalcon round out the group. If you see one of the latter three falcons, please let me know.

Aplomado Falcons live in South and Central America and are being reintroduced to the southwestern United States. Prairie Falcons zip about the landscape of the arid western states, and Gyrfalcons dip, dive, and soar over the vast tundra far to the north of us.

No less exciting (maybe a little less exciting) was a Common Raven heard calling from somewhere beyond Catch the Wind on the 9th of February. I was not able to locate the bird.

Keep looking up!

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