On the way to the Wetlands I saw…

What’s that at the end of the trail?


An Albertosaurus!


Down to the Wetlands.


The way to the Bears.


Looking back.


Looking across.


Looking into the willows. A trio of mergansers.

…and much, much more.

3 responses to On the way to the Wetlands I saw…

  1. Ashley says:

    Hi Ranger Greg! Maybe you remember me, you gave me a tour of the Wetlands for my project poster”Wetlands are Wonderful”. Well, i am one of 10 finalist out of 800. I wanted you to share in my accomplishment because I could have never done it without your wonderful knowledge of the wetlands. Thank you! Ashley

    • Greg Dodge says:

      That’s GREAT, congratulations! That’s very exciting!!
      I, and I’m sure everyone who reads this journal, would like to see the poster.
      Is there a web site where we can view the poster?
      Thank YOU, very much.

  2. Wendy says:

    What are those stars all over the ground – oh! Those are leaves…

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