Ode #40

Up until May 27th of this year I had seen 39 species of odes (odonata – dragonflies and damselflies) here at the Museum. There are now 40 species on the list.

Common sanddragon.
Common sanddragon.

Common sanddragons (Progomphus obscurus) are not rare. In fact, as the name implies, they are quite common, although they’re probably more common on the coastal plain than here on the piedmont.

These dragons prefer sandy bottomed streams and rivers. Sandy bottomed streams are more prevelant east and south of us on the coastal plain. I was surprised to find a common sanddragon here alongside our Wetlands, a very muddy bottomed and still body of water.

Common sanddragons belong to a family of dragonflies called clubtails. The name clubtail derives from the shape of the abdomen. The last few segments (near the tip) are widened as a sort of club might be. Most clubtails prefer river habitats, so seeing any clubtail here at the Museum is a treat. The only other clubtail that I’ve recorded here is a lancet clubtail.


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