Nothing But Early Summer Pictures

Top Photo: One of thousands of bullfrogs currently morphing from tadpole to frog in our wetland.

The pictures…

Male zabulon skipper on daisy.
Aquatic turtle egg after being dug up and eaten by raccoon (note hole in background).
Northern cardinal nest on Dinosaur Trail.
Eggs from cardinal nest on Dino Trail.
A day later, hatchlings in nest on DinoTrail.
Green tree frog clinging to leaf in Explore the Wild.
Green anoles mating (note male’s damaged tail).
Tickseed (coreopsis).
Young copperhead flattens out to make self look larger. Freeze-iin-place behavior typical of spieces.
Alert to oncoming threat.
Milkweed (butterfly weed).
Blue-tipped dancer, female.
Cobb in Into the Mist (note object on roof).
Rat snake on roof of cob in Into the Mist.
Black-eyed Susan.

Parting shot…

Bumble bee on coneflower.

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