Nest Box Update

Five of our six nest boxes contain nests. Four have eggs. Two contain chickadee eggs and two, bluebird eggs. Two nests had adults incubating, a bluebird and a chickadee. One nest box is empty.

The nest box at the Cow Pasture near the Ellerbe Creek Railroad Tunnel has two bluebird eggs within. I expect there’ll be a few more by next week’s inspection of the box.

Two bluebird eggs in nest at Cow Pasture (3.30.20).

The chickadees that started the nest in the nest box on the service road in Explore the Wild have finished the nest. An adult watched from the trees as I opened the box and peered inside. But, I could see no eggs in the nest.

A complete chickadee nest but no eggs yet at Explore the Wild (3.30.20).

The nest box at the service road to Into the Mist is still empty. This nest box is always a late starter.

No activity at Into the Mist nest box (3.30.20).

There are four chickadee eggs in the nest box on the east side of the parking deck. I didn’t see an adult in the area so maybe there’ll be one or two more eggs deposited before incubation begins.

Four chickadee eggs at nest box on east side of parking deck (3.30.20).

On the west side of the parking deck, a female bluebird has laid 5 eggs in her nest. She was in the box when I approached it. She seemed to be incubating.

Five eggs and incubating female at nest on west side of parking deck (3.30.20).

The Butterfly House nest box has 5 speckled eggs in its moss and fiber lined nest.

Chickadees are loaded up at Butterfly House nest box (3.30.20).

We’re off to a good, and early, start. Five active nest with 16 eggs, 9 chickadee and 7 bluebird eggs. Two nests have sitting females, one bluebird and one chickadee with 5 eggs each. And, although one nest box has shown no activity, the season is well underway.

See you next week.

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