Nest Box Update 6.6.17

There are two active nests, one at the Cow Pasture nest box, the other at the site of the old Bungee Jump in Catch the Wind. Both are house wren nests.

At last week’s nest box inspection, the six house wren eggs in the nest box at the Cow pasture near the Train Tunnel had yet to hatch. There are now six nestlings in the nest box and they are doing well.

Six hungry house wren nestlings (6/6/17).

The nest box at the Outdoor Classroom service road in Explore the Wild is empty.

The five house wren nestlings in the nest box at the Bungee Jump are growing rapidly. They all show feather growth on their bodies and wings. They may fledge by next week’s inspection.

The Bungee nest may be empty by next week, the birds may fledge (6/6/17).

The Into the Mist nest box is empty.

There’s been no activity in the nest box at the Woodlands Classrooms.

The Butterfly House nest box remains empty.

So, we have two out of six nest boxes with active nests, the Cow Pasture nest and the Bungee Jump nest. Both are occupied by house wrens. In the years that I’ve monitored the Bluebird Trail here at the Museum, I’ve never seen a successful house wren nest. This could be a first.

See you next week.

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