Nest Box Update 6.4.19

So far this season we’ve fledged 9 bluebirds and 8 chickadees from the 6 nest boxes on our bluebird trail. We currently have 5 house wren nestlings in one nest box and a new nest started for what may be a second brood of bluebirds.

Though the house wren nest at the Cow Pasture originally held 6 eggs, only five have hatched. The nestlings look to be healthy but probably won’t fledge til after next week’s inspection.

Five house wren nestlings at Cow Pasture (6.4.19).

The nest boxes in Explore the Wild, Into the Mist, and on the east side of the parking deck are all empty.

The nest box on the west side of the parking deck has a new bluebird nest for what may be a second brood. This box has already hosted 5 bluebird fledglings.

Perhaps a second brood for the bluebirds at parking deck – west (6.4.19).

The nest box at the Butterfly House is empty.

A recap shows that the nest boxes at the parking deck and Butterfly House have fledged 4 chickadees each for a total of 8 chickadees. The nest boxes on the west side of the parking deck and Into the Mist have fledged 5 and 4 bluebirds, respectively, for a total of 9 bluebirds. The only currently active nests are at the Cow Pasture (house wrens) and parking deck – west (new bluebirds nest).

See you next week!

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