Nest Box Update 5.9.23

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

One of our nest boxes has been emptied and there are now four house wren eggs in another. The remaining four boxes are empty.


The wren nest which had remained untouched for two weeks now has four new wren eggs in the twig based structure.

Four house wren eggs at Cow Pasture (5.9.23).

The chickadees in the nest box in Explore the Wild have apparently fledged. There were five nestlings huddled together in the nest last week, today it’s empty.

The five chickadees that once shared the nest box in Explore the Wild have fledged (5.9.23).

The Into the Mist, Parking Deck East, Parking Deck West, and Butterfly House nest boxes are all empty.

We have four nest boxes waiting occupancy (5.9.23).


So far, we’ve fledged 23 birds, 9 bluebirds and 14 chickadees. We have four house wren eggs in one nest but will wait until next week to see if the wrens are done laying. They may add a few more eggs to the brood before starting the incubation process.

Till then, enjoy the out of doors.

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