Nest Box Update 5.30.23

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

We now have three nests which show at least some activity. One has four nestlings, one with bluebirds sitting on five eggs, and minimal nesting material in another.


The Cow Pasture nest box has four nestling house wrens. They look healthy and may fledge by next inspection.

Four healthy house wren nestlings at Cow Pasture ( 5.30.23).

Both Explore the Wild and Into the Mist nest boxes are empty.

The nest box on the east side of the parking deck still has three small pieces of nesting material, one of which has been moved. However, the wind may have been the culprit. It’s not too late, though, there’s still plenty of time to build a nest, lay eggs, and fledge a nest-full.

Parking Deck East nest last week (5.23.23).
Parking Deck East nest this week (5.30.23).

It was a different story on the west side of the parking deck where an adult female peered out of the entrance hole as we approached the nest box. She was sitting on five eggs.

Female checking us out (3.30.23).
Female had been sitting on these eggs (5.30.23).

The Butterfly House nest box is empty.


So, we have two active nests, one with four house wren nestlings (Cow Pasture) and one with five bluebird eggs (Parking Deck West).

A third nest box (Parking Deck East) has the very beginnings of a nest with three objects placed in the nest.

See you next week.

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