Nest Box Update 5.3.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

Since last week we have seen twelve birds fledge, eight bluebirds (two different nests) and four chickadees (one nest). Two nest boxes are occupied by house wrens and one box still has three bluebird nestlings within.

The Cow Pasture bluebird nestlings have fledged. The box was lightly cleaned and a new berry basket placed inside for potential future occupants.

New berry basket waiting for new residents (5.3.22).

The Explore the Wild nest box remains untouched. The nest material in the box also remains, again, in case bluebirds decide to have a late season nesting in the box.

No takers at ETW (5.3.22).

The only nest box with nestlings still in the nest is at Into the Mist. There looks to be three nestlings huddled together among the pine needles and straw. This nest started out with five eggs. By my calculations, only four eggs hatched and now it seems there are three nestlings left. These birds should be gone very soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if they fledged tomorrow.

Three nestlings ready to go (5.3.22).

There are still no eggs in the house wren nest in the nest box on the east side of the parking deck. This nest box had been occupied by chickadees with four eggs. Sometime after April 19, the nest had been taken over by house wrens. The old chickadee nest was removed eggs and all, a new nest built on the ruins. The wrens still haven’t committed to the nest.

Male house wrens have a tendency to build more than one nest before the females arrive on the scene. The female will decide which nest to use, or may use neither and build one herself. Is this one of those “extra nests” which will never be used? We shall see.

House wren nest with no eggs (5.3.22).

The four bluebirds in the nest box on the west side of the parking deck have fledged. A new berry basket has replaced the old soiled nest and is ready for a second brood.

Waiting for second brood of season (5.3.22).

The chickadees that occupied the nest box at the Butterfly House have fledged. Since their departure, house wrens have taken over the property. There are as yet, no eggs.

House wren nest at Butterfly House. A work in progress (5.3.22).

We now have three empty nests. One nest has 3 ready to fledge bluebirds and two nest boxes contain house wren nests, sans eggs. We’ll have to wait till next week to see if the wrens lay eggs, bluebirds decide to have a second brood, and our last remaining nestlings fledge.

See you then!

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