Nest Box Update 5.2.23

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

We have two active nests, Cow Pasture and Explore the Wild, house wrens and chickadees respectively.


The Cow Pasture nest is still intact but doesn’t appear to have been attended to in the past week. We’ll have to wait to see what develops as the female house wrens come to town.

This house wren nest looks complete, but empty. Cow Pasture (5.2.23).

There are five growing chickadee nestlings in the nest box in Explore the Wild. You have to look closely but you can see five beaks in the photo below. It’s hard to miss the beaks on these little guys.

Five healthy Carolina chickadees at Explore the Wild (5.2.23).

There’s been no activity in the nest box at Into the Mist, the entire season, except for an expired bumblebee this week.

An expired bumblebee at Into the Mist (5.2.23).

The Parking Deck East, Parking Deck West, and Butterfly House nest boxes are all empty and waiting for a second brood, or late nester, to move in.


So, at the start of the 12th week of nest box inspections we’ve fledged over 18 birds, 9 chickadees and 9 bluebirds. One nest (Explore the Wild) still contains chickadee nestlings, the other, a house wren nest (Cow Pasture).

Will there be a second brood started in any of the now empty nest boxes? Will the chickadees all fledge? Will house wrens actually use the nest the male built at the cow Pasture?

The answer to these and more questions, next week.

Till then…

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