Nest Box Update 5.19.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

A few days late, this report sees our bluebird trail with 9 eggs in two active nests. Three of those eggs are bluebird eggs, the rest belong to house wrens.

The Cow Pasture nest now has 3 bluebird eggs. This nest box has already fledged 4 bluebirds. This, the second brood, is usually smaller in size than the first set of eggs. I don’t expect to see more eggs in this nest.

A second brood for bluebirds at Cow pasture (5.19.22).

The Explore the Wild nest is, as it has been from the third week of the season, empty. It’s a nest without occupants.

Still unused at Explore the Wild (5.19.22).

After fledging three bluebirds a few weeks back, the Into the Mist nest box remains empty.

An empty nest at Into the Mist (5.19.22).

The nest box on the east side of the parking deck had 4 eggs last week. It now has six. This nest box originally had 4 chickadee eggs. However, house wrens usurped the nest, removing all nest material and eggs, and took it over for themselves.

Complete house wren nest at Parking Deck East (5.19.22).
With 6 wren eggs (5.19.22).

On the other side of the parking deck, the west side, it looks as though house wrens may be testing out the clean, new and recently emptied former nest sight of bluebirds. So far there are just a few twigs in the new berry basket inside the box. Twigs mean wrens.

Twigs tossed into Parking Deck West nest box (5.19.22). Wrens!

The Butterfly House nest box, has contained a partial house wren nest for the last three weeks. The twigs remain untouched in that time, sticking out of the entrance hole of the box, unformed inside the box, and empty of eggs.

An empty, unused nest at Butterfly House (5.19.22).
Nothing inside the nest at Butterfly House (5.19.22).

So, we have 9 eggs of 2 species, 3 bluebirds and 6 house wrens. There’s one nest box which has been experimented with, the parking deck west box. There are a handful of twigs arranged loosely in the berry basket inside that box. We’ll have to wait till next week to see if the wrens take it any further.

Till then!

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