Nest Box Update 5.14.24

Top Photo: eastern bluebird eggs.

Of our six nest boxes, three hold bluebird eggs, two, five, and three for a total of ten eggs. The other three nest boxes are empty.

The Cow Pasture nest box still contains two bluebird eggs. There have been two eggs in this nest since at least April 30’s inspection of the nest boxes, two weeks ago. These eggs should have hatched. I’ve not seen adult bluebirds in the area. Has this nest been abandoned?

Will the Cow Pasture eggs hatch?

The Explore the Wild nest box is empty. There was, however, one pine straw in the berry basket in the box. Was a bluebird inspecting the nest box and left the pine needle to stake a claim?

Did a bluebird leave a calling card in the Explore the Wild nest box?

The Into the Mist nest box is empty.

Will there be a second brood in the Into the Mist nest box?

The nest box on the east side of the parking deck is also empty.

Parking Deck East nest box empty (5.14.24).

There are five bluebird eggs in the nest box on the west side of the parking deck. A female was incubating and flew out of the nest when we approached.

Five bluebirds eggs at Parking Deck West (5.14.24).

Last week the bluebird nest in the Butterfly House nest box was half complete. It’s now finished and contains three bluebird eggs.

A new nest and three fresh eggs at Butterfly House (5.14.24).

We have a total of ten bluebird eggs in three different nest boxes (Cow Pasture – 2, Parking Deck West – 5, and Butterfly House – 3).

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