Nest Box Update 5.10.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

We currently have two nests with at least some activity. One nest is definitely house wren occupied, the other seems to be bluebird. The four remaining nest boxes appear to be stalled with either “old” abandoned nests or are where nestlings have recently fledged and are waiting for new occupants.

The Cow Pasture nest box had recently fledged 4 bluebirds, had been cleaned and looks to be over-going a rebuild. The rebuilders are most likely bluebirds. Although I saw a female bluebird fly in close with pine needles in her bill while I was at the nest box. I also noticed a few twigs in the under-construction nest, a sure sign of house wrens. We’ll have to wait to see who does what in this nest box.

New bluebird nest (or is it – note twigs in nest) going up at Cow Pasture (5.10.22).

The Explore the Wild nest box is still without occupants.

Nothing doing at Explore the Wild (5.10.22).

The three bluebird nestlings that were in the Into the Mist nest box have fledged. They are gone. The box has been lightly scraped and a new berry basket installed.

Into the mist nest box being cleaned after fledged bluebirds departed (5.10.22).

The Parking deck east nest box, which was originally the property of chickadees and had been taken over by house wrens, now has 4 house wren eggs in its twig-jumbled nest.

Four house wren eggs at PKE (5.10.22).

Having fledged its bluebird occupants and been cleaned and refurbished with a new berry basket, the Parking Deck west nest box awaits occupancy.

New berry basket waiting for new occupants at PKW (5.10.22).

The Butterfly House nest box which had fledged 4 chickadees and been repurposed as a house wren nest seems to have stalled. There are no eggs in the nest and the twigs projecting from the entrance hole on the front of the box for the past two weeks tells me there’s been no activity here.

No new progress at Butterfly House wren nest (5.10.22).

So, one nest box has 4 house wren eggs, one box has a new bluebird nest under construction (?), and the rest are in some sort of limbo, waiting for something to happen.

See you next week!

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