Nest Box Update 4.9.24

Top Photo: Eastern bluebirds eggs.

All six of our nest boxes are occupied. Two contain chickadee nests and four are bluebird made. There are 18 eggs (5 chickadee, 13 bluebird) and 6 nestlings (all bluebird).


The female bluebird who sits in the nest box in the Cow Pasture is incubating 5 eggs.

Sammie opens nest box to have a look.
Five fresh bluebird eggs at Cow Pasture (4/9/24).

There are 5 Carolina chickadee eggs in the nest box at Explore the Wild. An incubating bird flushed as we approached the nest box.

Five eggs for the chickadees at Explore the Wild (4.9.24)

One of the 5 bluebird eggs that were in the nest box at Into the Mist hatched this very day. The hatchling was still wet. The remaining 4 eggs should hatch later in the day.

One of 5 to arrive today at Into the Mist (4.9.24).

I half expected the 5 bluebirds in the nest box on the east side of the parking deck to be gone this week. It’ll be a few mores days before they actually fledge.

Will fledge soon at Parking Deck East (4.9.24).

A new chickadee nest has been constructed in the nest box on the west side of the parking deck. No eggs yet.

Finally, a chickadee nest at Parking Deck West (4.9.24).

The female bluebird sat tight last week when we opened her nest box access door, not allowing us to count her eggs. She flew out of the box as we approached this week. She had been sitting on 4 eggs.

Four bluebird eggs at Butterfly House nest (4.9.24).

All nest boxes are occupied, two by chickadees and four by bluebirds containing eighteen eggs, five chickadees and thirteen bluebirds. Five bluebirds are ready to fledge (Parking Deck East) and eggs are hatching as I write (bluebirds at Into the Mist)

See you next week!

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