Nest Box Update 4.5.22

Top Photo: Bluebird eggs.

Every nest box on our six box trail has a nest within. Four are eastern bluebird nests and two belong to Carolina chickadees. We have a total of 21 eggs spread out among the occupied nests, 16 bluebird eggs, and 5 chickadee eggs. All but one nest with eggs had an adult incubating at the time of the inspection.

We saw no activity at the nest at the Cow pasture, which contains 6 bluebird eggs. We may have just missed the female as she went out for a snack or other business. There was no sign of either parent. I didn’t note any disturbance to the nest or surrounding area.

No one was home at Cow Pasture nest with 6 eggs (4.5.22).

There’s been no activity at the nest in the nest box at Explore the Wild. It was started by a bluebird but hasn’t been added to in at least two weeks.

Has the ETW nest been abandoned (4.5.22).

The female came flying out of the box as we approached the nest and perched nearby to watch as we looked inside the Into the Mist nest box. She’d been sitting on 5 eggs when we disturbed her. I took my photos, we shut the access door, and left.

Female watches as we inspect her nest (4.5.22).
She was sitting on 5 eggs (4.5.22).

The parking deck east nest box had been started by bluebirds, abandoned, then taken over by chickadees. It seems to be a work in progress as it’s not yet complete. Two adult chickadees watched and complained as we peeked inside their home. No eggs yet.

This nest needs more work. Two adults nearby as we checked it out (4.5.22).

The nest box on the opposite side of the parking deck, the west side, had 1 egg inside last week. It now has 5 eggs. Again, the female was apparently incubating when we walked up to the box. She flew out the access door as it was opened and watched from nearby.

Five eggs for the bluebirds in the parking deck west nest box (4.5.22).

Last week the nest at the Butterfly House held 3 eggs. There are now 5 chickadee eggs in this plush little nest. The female was sitting on the eggs as we approached and jetted out the door as it was opened.

Nothing but a blur of wings as an adult bolts from nest when we visit the Butterfly House nest box (4.5.22).
Five chickadee eggs nestled in the colorful, plush nest at Butterfly House (4.5.22).

We’re off to a good start. Though one nest may have been abandoned and may not be used at all (Explore the Wild), we have a total of 21 eggs with 5 being incubated by chickadees and 16 by bluebirds.

I’m looking forward to next week’s inspection!

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