Nest Box Update 4.2.19

All of our six nest boxes have shown activity over the past week. We have eggs in two nests. All but one nest has nest material within. One nest box has sign, if nothing else, that a bird showed interested in utilizing it for a nest.

Last week the Cow Pasture nest box contained moss placed inside by chickadees. This week it’s been topped off with fur. Eggs are next.

Eggs are next (Cow Pasture – 4.2.19).

A partial chickadee nest sits inside the nest box in Explore the Wild where last week it was empty.

Chickadee nest under construction (Explore the Wild – 4.2.19).

The nest box on the service road to Into the Mist was void of activity last week. Today, there was at least sign a bird had been in the box looking around, it left a calling card.

Sign of a visit by potential occupant (Into the Mist – 4.2.19).

There were five eggs in the chickadee nest on the east side of the parking deck. No bird was present when I peered inside the nest box so perhaps incubation hasn’t started yet.

Five chickadee eggs at parking deck (4.2.19).

A nest box full of pine straw and a few grass stems greeted me when I pulled open its cedar inspection door this morning. The birds seem serious about using this site.

Sure sign of blue bird intentions (parking deck-west – 4.2.19).

Two brown speckled chickadee eggs lay snug and warm wrapped in the fine grass and fur of the nest inside the nest box at the Butterfly House.

Two chickadee eggs at Butterfly House (4.2.19).

All of our nest boxes have shown activity. Two have chickadee eggs (parking deck and Butterfly House), one holds a bluebird nest near completion (parking deck-west), two have incomplete chickadee nests (Cow Pasture and Explore the Wild), and one had a potential occupant pay a visit (Into the Mist).

I anticipate more nest building and more eggs waiting for me when I make my inspection of the nest boxes next week. See you then.

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