Nest Box Update 4.12.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

We currently have 17 eggs, 10 bluebird and 7 chickadee. At least 5 bluebird nestlings have hatched. There is one inactive nest.

It’s difficult to determine from the photo below, but it appears as though at least 5 of the 6 bluebird eggs in the nest at Cow Pasture have hatched. One note, I heard a house wren singing in the background as I viewed the nest. House wrens are known to commandeer the nest of other birds destroying the contents, eggs, nest material and all. However, I’ve not witnessed a house wren take over a nest once the eggs have hatched.

I count 5 hatchlings at Cow Pasture (4.12.22).

The nest at Explore the Wild seems to have been abandoned, there’s been no work done to it in several weeks.

Abandoned at Explore the Wild (4.12.22).

The nest at Into the Mist still has 5 bluebird eggs. The female was incubating as we inspected the nest.

An incubating bluebird with 5 eggs at Into the Mist (4.12.22).

The chickadees at the parking deck east nest box have finished the nest they started and have, so far, laid 2 eggs.

A late start for chickadees at parking deck east (4.12.22).

On the opposite side of the parking deck, a female bluebird was incubating 5 eggs.

Five eggs at parking deck west nest (4.12.22).

An adult Carolina chickadee flew out of the nest box as we opened the access door at the Butterfly House nest box. She had apparently been incubating when we disturbed her.

Five fresh chickadees eggs at the Butterfly House (4.12.22).

Finally, we have 10 bluebird eggs in three different nests, all being incubated. There are 7 chickadee eggs, 5 in one nest and 2 in another. We have at least 5 nestlings in one nest.

As always, I can’t wait till next week’s inspection.

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