Nest Box Update 3.29.22

Top Photo: Bluebird nest with eggs.

There are 10 eggs spread out along our six nest box trail. Seven of those eggs belong to bluebirds, three to chickadees. One nest, which had been started by bluebirds has been abandoned and reoccupied by chickadees.

The Cow Pasture nest box, which last week held three bluebird eggs, now contains six. I saw neither parent while checking the box.

Six bluebird eggs at Cow Pasture nest (3.29.22).

There’s been work done on the bluebird nest in the box in Explore the Wild. It’s not quite complete but shows progress.

Not quite complete bluebird nest at ETW nest box (3.29.22).

The Into the Mist nest box looks to be ready for eggs. During the past week I saw a pair of bluebirds working feverishly on the nest and supposed it would be egg-ready by today’s check. There are no eggs in the nest but they’re not far off.

Male inspecting nest at Into the Mist nest box (3.23.22).
This nest looks egg-ready at Into the Mist (3.29.22).

Last week there were pine needles in the nest box on the east side of the parking deck. Today there’s the base of a chickadee nest, moss. The bluebirds must have decided against this location in favor of the next nest box along the trail, on the west side of the deck.

A switch from bluebird to chickadee nest at parking deck east (3.29.22).

The female was in the west side parking deck box as we approached it for the inspection. She flew out upon opening the nest box to reveal one egg. She may have just laid the egg, or perhaps she was about to lay another when we disturbed her. In either case, the nest is well underway.

One bluebird egg so far at parking deck west (3.29.22).

The Butterfly House nest, which looked to be ready for eggs last week, though it contained none, now has three well hidden eggs in it’s soft, plush interior.

Three brown-speckled chickadee eggs at Butterfly House (3.29.22).

There are four bluebird nests containing a total of 7 eggs, 6 in one and 1 in another. There are two Carolina chickadee nests with 3 eggs in one of the nests and, so far, none in the other. At this time, everything seems to be moving along nicely.

What will happen next? Check back next week for the answer.

Till next time!

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