Nest Box Update 3.28.23

Top Photo: Eastern Bluebird eggs.

We now have fifteen eggs in four active nests. Nine eggs belong to bluebirds while six are chickadee eggs.


The egg count in the bluebird nest at the Cow Pasture remains at four. I didn’t see a bluebird while inspecting the box. Even so, the birds must surely be incubating since they haven’t added to the brood in a week.

Still four eggs at Cow Pasture (3.28.23).

The Explore the Wild and Into the Mist nest boxes are empty.

There are now five bluebird eggs in the nest at Parking Deck East nest box. A lone egg was in the nest at last week’s inspection.

Five bluebird eggs in nest box of east side of parking deck (3.28.23).

A chickadee flew out of the nest box when opened on the west side of the parking deck. Inside was one chickadee egg. The egg had either just been deposited or another was about to be laid when the bird was interrupted by our intrusion.

In a blur, chickadee exits nest as we opened door to peek inside (3.28.23).
A single egg for the chickadees on west side of parking deck (3.28.23).

Though empty of eggs a week ago, there are now five chickadee eggs in the nest box at the Butterfly House.

Butterfly House chickadee nest is well stocked and ready (3.28.23).


We now have 15 eggs occupying 4 nests of 6 nest boxes along the Bluebird Trail. Nine eggs belong to bluebirds (4 at Cow Pasture and 5 at Parking Deck East) and 6 eggs were chickadee delivered (1 at Parking Deck West and 5 at Butterfly House).

There’s lots more to come. Stay tuned!

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